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ProductPrime keeps an eye on your webshop and everything connected to it, keeping you informed and your webshop in top shape with real-time notifications, actionable tasks, and valuable insights.

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“We've been using ProductPrime to track our product pricing. It's helping us with how we can position ourselves.”

“I use ProductPrime to keep an eye on my competitors' product range. They are also open to suggestions.”

“ProductPrime has been very helpful with monitoring the performance of the keywords we target for our product pages.”

E-commerce is challenging, let ProductPrime help you

It often feels like you're juggling a million things at once. ProductPrime helps you stay informed and your webshop in top shape.

Ever changing
New products are launched daily, search engines update their algorithms, new guidelines are released and what's that new trend everyone is talking about?
Prices change all the time, competitors adjust their strategies constantly. They are launching new products, running promotions. How do you keep up?
There's so much to keep an eye on, and so little time to do it.
Overwhelming & Uncertainty
Where to start? What to do next? What's important and what's not? Am I doing the right thing? What if I miss something important?

How ProductPrime works

Monitoring, analyzing and auditing

ProductPrime's core functions are based on monitoring, analyzing, and auditing your webshop and everything surrounding it.


Continuously monitor your ecommerce metrics, competitor activities, and market trends to stay informed.


Analyze data to gain insights into your business performance, customer behavior, and competitor strategies.


Conduct thorough audits of your ecommerce site to identify issues and opportunities for improvement.

Alerts, tasks, and insights

Stay informed and take action with ProductPrime’s alerts, recommendations, and the activity feed.

Notifications and alerts

Receive timely alerts and notifications via email and within ProductPrime when important changes occur.

Actionable tasks

ProductPrime provides actionable recommendations to optimize your ecommerce operations.

Activity feed

View all important updates and activities in a centralized Activity Feed within ProductPrime.

Tools to help you improve the quality of your webshop

ProductPrime's tools will look at your webshop and your competitors. Giving you valuable insights, actionable tasks and timely alerts that will help you improve your webshop, save time and ensure your peace of mind.

Product page audit & monitoring

Continuously monitor all the important parts of your product pages. Learn which pages are performing well and which need improvement.

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Product feed audit

Your product feed is the backbone of your webshop. Monitor your product feed and learn how to optimize it for better performance.

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Competitor price monitoring

Prices change all the time. Monitor your competitors' prices and adjust your prices to stay competitive.

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Layout analysis

The layout of your webshop is the first thing your customers notice. Analyze your layout with AI and improve your user experience.

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Competitor product range monitoring

Don't miss out on new trends. Monitor your competitors' product range and learn where you can improve.

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Keyword audit

Couple your product page with search keywords, and we'll help you optimize your content for search engines.

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Rank tracker

Know how your product pages rank on search engines and track your progress over time.

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Ecommerce audit and best practices

In the ever-changing world of ecommerce, it's important to stay up-to-date with the latest trends and best practices. We'll help you do just that.

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Competitor newsletter monitoring

Learn what your competitors are sending in their newsletters and adjust your newsletter strategy if needed.

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Keyword insights

Get insights into the keywords you are using, are they the right choice for your product pages?

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Ecommerce rich snippets

Learn how rich snippets of your keywords change over time and improve your click-through rate.

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Technical SEO audit

The technical aspects of your website are important for SEO. We'll help you audit your website and improve your rankings.

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Broken link checker

Broken links can hurt the user experience. Monitor your website for broken links and fix them before they become a problem.

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Uptime monitoring

When your website is down, you can't sell. Monitor your website's uptime and get alerts if your website goes down.

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Performance monitoring

A slow website can hurt your business. Monitor your website's performance and get alerts if your website is slow.

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Certificate monitoring

It's important to keep your SSL certificates up-to-date. Monitor your certificates and get alerts if they are about to expire.

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Google lighthouse monitoring

Track your website's Google Lighthouse score and get alerts if your website's score drops.

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ProductPrime is here for everyone

No matter the size of your business, ProductPrime can help you monitor and optimize the quality of your webshop.

Works with every webshop
ProductPrime is compatible with every webshop. Whether you're using Shopify, WooCommerce, Magento, or any other platform, we've got you covered.
From small to large businesses
Whether you're a small business owner or a large enterprise, ProductPrime has the tools to help you improve your webshop.
Flexible tool usage
Use as many or as few of our tools as you need. ProductPrime is designed to be flexible and adapt to your needs.
We listen to you
We're always open to feedback and suggestions. If you have a feature request or a question, we're here to help.

Simple no-tricks pricing

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Why was ProductPrime created?

ProductPrime is born from my own experience as a webshop owner. I was overwhelmed by the number of things I needed to keep an eye on and the tools I needed to use to do so. So I decided to create one tool that would help me with all of this. ProductPrime is a result from my own needs, and I'm sure it will help you too.

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