Google lighthouse monitoring

Stay ahead of the curve with ProductPrime's Google lighthouse monitoring! This feature continuously tracks your webshop's performance, accessibility, and SEO, alerting you to potential issues before they affect your customers. Enhance your site's user experience and search rankings effortlessly, ensuring your business always shines bright.

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Google lighthouse monitoring in ProductPrime

How it works

Periodic Checks

ProductPrime automatically checks your website's Google Lighthouse scores at regular intervals, ensuring you stay updated with your website's performance metrics.

Score Display

View your website's Google Lighthouse scores directly within ProductPrime. Our interface provides a clear and concise presentation of your performance data.

Sudden Change Alerts

Receive immediate notifications whenever there is a significant change in your Google Lighthouse scores. Stay informed and take prompt action to address any issues.

Notification Inbox

All alerts are conveniently stored in your ProductPrime notification inbox. Access your notifications at any time to review changes and take necessary actions.

Email Alerts

In addition to the notification inbox, you will also receive email alerts for any sudden changes in your Google Lighthouse scores. Stay informed on the go.

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