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Struggling to connect with your audience? Our keyword insights feature transforms guesswork into strategy. Discover the potential traffic each keyword can bring to your product pages and understand the searcher’s intent behind it. Elevate your e-commerce site with data-driven decisions and turn visitors into customers. Join ProductPrime today and optimize your reach!

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Keyword insights in ProductPrime

How it works

Keyword Information

ProductPrime provides detailed information about specific keywords, including estimated traffic and search intent, helping you understand their potential impact.

View Insights in ProductPrime

Access insights on keywords directly within ProductPrime. See estimated traffic and search intent to make informed decisions about your SEO strategy.

Search Intent Check

ProductPrime checks the search intent for the primary keywords linked to your product pages. If the intent is not 'transactional' or changes, you are alerted.

Notifications and Emails

Receive alerts in your notification inbox and via email when there are important updates about the search intent of your linked keywords

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