Competitor newsletter monitoring

Newsletters are a great way to drive traffic to your webshop. With ProductPrime you'll learn what your competitors are sending in their newsletters, so you can adjust your newsletter strategy accordingly.

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How it works

Unique ProductPrime email address

Receive your own unique ProductPrime email address. Use this address to subscribe to newsletters from other webshops.

Subscribe to newsletters

Use your unique ProductPrime email to subscribe to competitor newsletters. This allows you to gather insights on their latest activities directly within ProductPrime.

Receive newsletters

ProductPrime receives the newsletters sent to your unique email address.

Analyze the newsletters

Access all received newsletters in a dedicated section within ProductPrime. Easily browse through the information to gain insights and make informed decisions.

Activity feed

Stay informed with real-time updates in your Activity Feed. Every newly received newsletter is shown there.

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Frequently asked questions

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