Uptime monitoring

Keep your online store open for business around the clock with ProductPrime’s uptime monitoring! This feature carefully checks your site’s availability, alerting you the moment any downtime occurs. Stay ahead of disruptions and ensure your customers can always reach you, boosting trust and sales. Safeguard your shop's reliability with us!

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Uptime monitoring in ProductPrime

How it works

Continuous Monitoring

ProductPrime checks your website every minute to ensure it’s up and running smoothly. Our continuous monitoring helps you stay on top of any potential issues with ease.

Instant Detection

The moment we detect that your site is down, we’ll alert you right away. Quick detection means less downtime and more peace of mind for your business

Notification Inbox

Keep track of all your alerts in one convenient place. Our notification inbox in ProductPrime helps you stay organized and informed about any issues.

Email Alerts

ProductPrime sends email alerts to keep you informed, even when you’re not logged in. You’ll never miss an important update.

Immediate Action

Act swiftly with real-time alerts. Our notifications empower you to address issues promptly, ensuring your website remains reliable and your customers stay happy.

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