Performance monitoring

Keeping your webshop performing smoothly isn’t just important—it’s essential. That’s where ProductPrime's performance monitoring comes in. This feature vigilantly tracks your site's speed and functionality, alerting you to any issues before they affect your customers. Rest easy knowing that your e-commerce is optimized for success, around the clock.

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Performance monitoring in ProductPrime

How it works

Continuous Monitoring

ProductPrime checks your website speed every minute to ensure optimal performance. Our system performs these checks 24/7 without any manual intervention needed from you.

Instant Alerts

Whenever your website speed drops below the normal range, ProductPrime immediately notifies you. These alerts help you quickly identify and address performance issues.

Notification Inbox

All performance alerts are stored in the notification inbox within ProductPrime. This centralizes your alerts, making it easy to review and manage any issues.

Email Notifications

In addition to the in-app notifications, ProductPrime sends email alerts for slower-than-normal website speeds. This ensures you're always informed, even when you're not actively using the app.

Take Action

With the detailed alerts and insights provided, you can quickly identify the cause of performance issues and take corrective actions to ensure your website runs smoothly.

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