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Worried your product isn’t standing out in search results? Our keyword audit feature helps you optimize! Simply choose a primary search keyword for your product page, and our tool will audit its effectiveness. Enhance visibility, attract more shoppers, and boost sales with precision. Start optimizing with ProductPrime today!

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Keyword audit in ProductPrime

How it works

Primary Keyword Linking

In ProductPrime you link a primary keyword to each of your product pages, setting the foundation for a comprehensive keyword audit.

Keyword Audit Reports

Access detailed reports on the keyword audit, which assess the performance and relevance of the primary keyword on your product pages.

Notifications and Emails

When an issue is detected or a change is found during the keyword audit, ProductPrime sends real-time notifications to your notification inbox within the app and to your email, keeping you promptly informed.

Optimize for Keywords

Easily implement recommendations from the keyword audit to optimize your product pages. Our intuitive interface guides you through the process, enhancing your pages' keyword performance.

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