Layout analysis

The layout of your webshop is the first thing your customers notice. What does your layout say about your business? With ProductPrime you can analyze your layout with AI and improve the user experience.

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How it works

Layout Analysis

ProductPrime's Layout Analysis captures a full-page screenshot of your ecommerce store, analyzing its layout with our advanced AI Vision model to provide insightful feedback on what works well and what needs improvement.

Full-Page Screenshot

Our tool takes a screenshot of your entire layout, ensuring every element is included in the analysis for a thorough evaluation.

AI Vision Model Analysis

The AI Vision model examines your webshop’s layout, assessing design elements, usability, and visual appeal to identify strengths and potential areas for improvement.

Actionable Insights

Receive clear, actionable feedback on what aspects of your layout are effective and which areas could benefit from adjustments, helping you to optimize your online store's user experience.

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