Product range monitoring

Get to know what your competitors are doing with ProductPrime's product range monitoring feature. Our tool tracks changes in your competitors' product offerings, ensuring you're always in the know. Boost your webshop's relevance and appeal by adapting swiftly to market trends.

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Product range monitoring in ProductPrime

How it works

Competitor Product Monitoring

ProductPrime monitors the product range of your competitors, providing you with insights into their offerings and collections.

Track New Products and Collections

Stay informed about new products and collections added by your competitors, helping you keep up with market trends.

Monitor Changes

ProductPrime alerts you when your competitors make changes to their current products and collections, ensuring you are always updated.

View Data

Access and view the product ranges and collections of your competitors in detailed data tables within ProductPrime for easy analysis.

Activity Feed Updates

View all updates and changes regarding your competitors' product ranges in your Activity Feed within ProductPrime.

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