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The product pages are the most important part of your webshop. Continuously monitor all the important parts of them with ProductPrime. Learn which pages are performing well and which need improvement.

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How it works

Product availability

Automatically checks the availability status of your products to ensure they are always ready for purchase.

Social proof

Monitors customer reviews and ratings, ensuring your product pages have enough social proof.

Content quality

Evaluates the content on your product pages, checking for word count, grammar, readability, and overall structure to ensure high-quality information is presented.

SEO details

Provides a comprehensive overview of your page's SEO elements, including title, description, keywords, canonical tags, HTTP status, robots tags, headings, images, and both external and internal links.

Schema audit

Performs a thorough check of your page's structured data to ensure proper Schema markup, enhancing search engine visibility.

Link and image verification

Validates that all images and links on your product pages are functional and optimally tagged.

Notifications and emails

Receive timely notifications about significant changes and issues via the Activity Feed, notification inbox in ProductPrime, and email alerts, keeping you informed at all times.

Take action

With all this information at your fingertips in ProductPrime, promptly address any issues or optimizations to maintain the highest quality for your e-commerce store.

Other ProductPrime features that improve your product page

Competitor price monitoring

Prices change all the time. Monitor your competitors' prices and adjust your prices to stay competitive.

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Keyword audit

Couple your product page with search keywords, and we'll help you optimize your content for search engines.

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