Product feed audit

The product feed is the backbone of your webshop. It is the bridge between your webshop and other platforms. Let ProductPrime monitor your product feed and learn how to optimize it for better performance.

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How it works

Product Feed Audit Overview

ProductPrime provides a comprehensive audit of your product feed, ensuring compliance with guidelines and enhancing the quality of your data.

Add Your Product Feed

Easily add your product feed to ProductPrime by submitting your product feed URL.

Import Products

Once your feed is added, ProductPrime reads and imports all your product data. This process is quick and secure, ensuring all your products are accurately captured.

Audit Feed Structure

ProductPrime audits the structure of your product feed. It checks against industry guidelines and best practices to identify any discrepancies or areas for improvement.

Receive Notifications

Stay informed with alerts in your ProductPrime notification inbox. Additionally, receive email notifications to ensure you never miss important updates about your product feed status.

Take Action

Review the audit results within ProductPrime and take corrective actions to optimize your product feed. Enhance the quality and visibility of your products with our actionable insights.

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