Broken link checker

Navigating a webshop with broken links can frustrate customers and hurt your sales. With ProductPrime's broken link checker, you can easily find and fix these issues, ensuring a smooth shopping experience. Trust our tool to help you maintain a professional, user-friendly site that keeps customers coming back.

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Broken link checker in ProductPrime

How it works

Automated Link Scanning

ProductPrime periodically scans your website to detect any broken links, ensuring your site's integrity and optimal user experience.

Detailed Reports

Access comprehensive reports on all detected broken links directly in ProductPrime. These reports provide the exact URLs and the specific pages where the broken links were found.

Notifications and Emails

When broken links are found, ProductPrime sends real-time notifications to your notification inbox within the app and to your email, keeping you informed instantly.

Take Action

Easily navigate to the broken links from within ProductPrime and take necessary actions to fix them. Our intuitive interface simplifies the process of maintaining your website's health.

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